Tiziano Capsule Coffee Machine


Tiziano Capsule Coffee machine is designed for Caffe Tiziano coffee capsules. The unique extraction system, Caffitaly System, is a patented design in Italy. The built-in Italian pump with 15 bar pressure is able to brew espresso under the most suitable pressure and temperature. Just 30 seconds, you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee at anytime of a day!


Themainuniquefeatures of Tiziano Capsule Coffee Machine are:

  • Automaticextractionsystem,petended and designed in Italy.
  • Two cup-size options for Espresso or Long Coffee.
  • Built-in Italian pump with 15 bar pressure to brew coffee professionally.
  • Stainless steel coil thermo-block heating system! Heat-up faster and clean.
  • Auto-drop design for used capsules. Convenient and clean!
  • Auto shut-off after 30 minutes for energy-saving.
  • Removable 1.2L water tank.
  • Removable tray, removable capsule bin, for easy cleaning.
  • With Caffe Tiziano coffee capsule, simple and quick to brew coffee.
  • Different flavors of coffee and tea capsules to serve different people with one simple machine.


Our coffee capsules are originally from Italy. The coffee grinds are made by premium coffee beans chosen from the world. Currently, there are five flavors of coffee and chamomile tea available in Malaysia market.  There will be more flavors in terms of coffee, tea and even hot chocolate.  With one machine, you can now enjoy coffee and tea for the whole family or company.